MyMedic MyFAK Medical Kit (Review)

If there is anything absolutely certain about being out in the great outdoors or in life itself… it is that “accidents happen”. Often, these accidents occur when we least expect them and usually when we’re the least prepared. This can be dangerous and costly if it is an accident that requires immediate medical attention and you are far away from medical facilities. While I cannot recommend attempting to attend to a major medical situation without the proper medical training, I can recommend to always be prepared for whatever could happen. Even the smallest cut or scrape can become septic and threaten your life if left untreated.

For medical emergencies around our home, I keep our little family’s primary medical kit stocked in my soft-sided medical bag. This works well for all of those small bumps, bruises, and scratches that tend to happen. But late last year, I was in search of something smaller and more complete for short hiking and camping trips. While looking for a portable medical kit, I came across such a kit by a company called My Medic. They offer many different civilian medical kits from larger EMS-styled backpack and duffle kits, to smaller kits for police officers, and all kinds of sizes in between.

I was drawn to the smaller My Medic MyFAK medical kit. This bag comes with different supplies, depending on the price range that you select; Good, Better, and Best. I chose the Best kit as it really is more complete than the other options and covers the broadest range of use; from combat situations, to camping and hiking, to just a regular day at the park with your family. This is especially useful when I go out on weekend camping trips and I’m leading a small group of teenage guys on the trails. There are countless things that could go wrong, but this kit is small enough (4”w x 7”h x 10”d) and light enough (2.07lbs) to justify bringing along to make sure we all get back in one piece. When you open the bag, it has a clam shell opening with medical items on both sides, and an additional mesh bag that flips open from the front panel with even more contents. Everything has its own perfect little spot inside of this medical kit and is secured in pockets or by elastic bands. Things are a bit snug inside, but there is still just a “little” wiggle room to fit some additional small items of my choosing. And the nylon bag itself has a Velcro attached Molle back panel so it can be attached to a Molle compatible bag, vest, or drop-leg rig when not in use. There are also Velcro strips covering the front of this pouch, so you can add a medical cross patch along with the blood type of yourself and your family members. Overall, I absolutely love the completeness of this medical kit and the quality of its contents! The My Medic MyFAK far surpasses any pre-made kits that I have ever seen before, and that's something worth noting. You can find this particular kit and others at the My Medic website and follow them as well on Facebook.

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Below is also a complete listing of what is included in my MyFAK medical it.

[1] R.A.T.S. Tourniquet® | Rapid Application Tourniquet System®

[1] Celox® | Granules | 2 gram

[1] Celox® | Granules | 15 gram

[3] Liquid Skin® | 5 gram

[1] Emergency Israeli Bandage | 4 in.

[1] Gauze Roll | 4 in. x 12.3 ft.

[4] Gauze Pad | 2 in. x 2 in.

[4] Gauze Pad | 4 in. x 4 in.

[2] Non-Adherent Gauze | Telfa | 3 in. x 4 in.

[3] Secure Strips | 0.25 in. x 3 in.

[2] Butterfly Bandage | Medium

[2] Butterfly Bandage | Large

[1] Fabric Bandage | 2 in. x 4.5 in.

[4] Knuckle Bandage | 1.5 in. x 3 in.

[4] Fingertip Bandage | 1.75 in. x 2 in.

[10] Fabric Bandages | 1 in. x 3 in.

[10] Sheer Plastic Bandages | 1 in. x 3 in.

[2] Burn Jel®

[1] Nasal Airway + Lube | 28 French

[1] Sensi-Wrap® | 2 in. x 5 ft.

[2] Sunscreen

[2] Anti-Fungal Cream

[2] Lip Guard | Chapstick

[4] BZK Wipes | Antiseptic

[4] Alcohol Prep Pads | Large

[4] Medicaine® | Sting + Bite

[2] Bio Freeze® | Pain Reliever

[2] Oral Pain Relief | Generic Ora

[4] P.A.W.S.® | Hand Sanitizing Wipes

[4] Povidone Ampules | Topical Antiseptic

[2] Triple Antibiotic | Generic Neosporin®

[2] Hydrocortisone Cream | Skin Irritations + Allergies

[1] Medi-Lyte® | Electrolytes

[2] Ibuprofen | Generic Advil® + Motrin® | Pain + Fever + Inflammation

[2] Pain Zapper® | Headache + Muscle Ache + Tooth Ache + Arthritis

[1] Aspirin® | Pain + Fever + Headache

[1] Diotame® | Generic Pepto-Bismol® | Upset Stomach

[1] Diphen® | Generic Benadryl® | Allergies

[1] Medi-Meclizine® | Generic Dramamine® | Motion Sickness

[1] Cold Relief | Generic Tylenol® Cold

[1] Antacid | Generic Tums® | Heartburn

[1] Diamode® | Generic Imodium® | Diarrhea

[1] Tylenol® | Headache + Fever + Pain

[4] Oral I.V.®

[1] Survival Rescue Blanket | Single Use

[1] Coghlan’s® Rescue Whistle | Pealess | Orange

[1] Coghlan’s® Lightstick | 12-Hour

[1] 550 Paracord | 7 Strand | 10 ft.

[1] Outdoor Adventure First Aid Guide

[1] EMT Shears | 7.25 in.

[1] Needle Puller | Stainless

[2] Moleskin | Blister Protection

[2] Nitrile Gloves | Large | Black

[1] Suture | 3-0 | Non-Absorbable

[1] Suture | 4-0 | Non-Absorbable

[1] Suture | 5-0 | Non-Absorbable

[1] Tweezers | Stainless + Non-Magnetic

[1] Clear Surgical Tape | 1 in. x 30 ft.

[1] Surgical Scissors | Stainless | 4.25 in.

[1] First Responder Field Pouch | 1000 Denier | Fox Outdoor®

*Items may be substituted for an equal or better item without notice on occasion.