Katadyn Pocket Water Filter (Review)

One of the most important items I have in my hiking/camping/survival/emergency gear is my water filter. As many people are aware, you can only go about 3 days without water (preferably, potable water!) before you begin succumbing to the effects of dehydration. Our bodies consist of about 55% - 60% water (water.usgs.gov) and every organ inside of us are highly dependent on remaining hydrated each day to function properly… so neglecting to properly hydrate can not only do your body extreme harm, but actually kill you. This is why my water filter is prized so highly prized by me!

There are many ways to safely purify water and make it
potable (drinkable), but we will leave that for another time. I would like to speak on the area of portable water filters; specifically, the Katadyn (pronounced Cat-ah-dine) Pocket. The Pocket is at the higher end of the water filter market and is viewed more as an “expedition” style filter. This silver impregnated ceramic filter has a pore size of only 0.2 microns and a included pre-filter, both of which is able to filter out all sediment, particles and microorganisms (bacteria & protozoa) in most any ‘fresh’ water source. That is more than sufficient for any water source here in North America. And depending on the quality of the source you’re pumping your water from, the Pocket will produce about 1 liter of water per minute. The feature that I like most about the Katadyn Pocket is its 13,000 gallon / 50,000 liter capacity over the lifetime of the filter cartridge. Per the Mayo Clinic, an adult male requires about 3 liters of water per day and slightly less (2.2 liters) for an adult woman. That allows this filter to produce roughly 45 years of daily water for one person or 22-1/2 years of daily water for two people. Considering a new replacement filter is currently selling for only $130 on Amazon, the Pocket could provide you with a lifetime supply of clean potable water!

I’ve personally been using the Katadyn Pocket as my primary water filter for about 5 years now. I have used it on the Appalachian Trail (some of the most refreshing mountain spring water I’ve ever tasted!) as well as on hikes and primitive camping here in Florida.

One thing you must realize when filtering water with the Katadyn Pocket is that the taste and color of whatever water source you choose will still come through to the final filtered water. For instance, I pumped water from the Suwannee River here in Florida a couple months back. It is well known for its tannic (almost tea or coffee) colored water, due to the cypress trees that grow in and around its banks.

The after product looked somewhat yellow, similar to urine, but was completely potable and clean tasting. I did still add some Mio flavor additive to my non-cooking water, because I prefer something with a little more taste while I’m out hiking or camping. Katadyn does sell an in-line carbon filter to purify your final water even further and help with the taste factor… but in the end, my filter has always performed exactly as it should! After all of these years, this filter has yet to fail me and always ensures I have drinkable water anywhere I am. Even if you don’t settle on this particular filter, I would HIGHLY suggest that you invest in good quality water filter for you and your family. Bottled water will last a while in an emergency, but a filter like this can almost last a lifetime!

You can find more of Katadyn’s awesome products on Katadyn.com and you can purchase the Katadyn Pocket on Amazon. You can also like Katadyn on Facebook.com.


Social Media Marketing Manager, The Camping Trail