Osprey Xenith 75 (Review)


My parents raised me and my brother to go camping from an early age. It wasn’t until I was in college that I started to go camping on my own. During those days, I didn’t own any “outdoor packs” and only had a big, black duffle bag and a smaller school backpack. I remember trudging through creek streams with that pack and bags hanging off of me with most of the camping gear I owned at the time. Those were fun and memorable times; albeit, not the most comfortable camping trips of my life!

As I got older and was dating my (now) wife, I realized that I would eventually marry her and wanted our little family to go hiking & camping in a little more comfort than during my college days. I decided to find a nice set of hiking packs for hopefully a decent price. I found two matching his & hers (Aether & Ariel) Osprey hiking packs for sale online and immediately snatched them up! We didn’t actually use them until after we were married a couple of years later, but we both LOVED our hiking packs! Since then, I also purchased a Kelty Redwing 50 as a daypack, but never really cared for the suspension harnesses as much as the old Osprey IsoForm CM harness system.

Before I first hiked the Appalachian Trail a couple years back, I decided that I loved my Osprey Aether pack, but I didn’t really care for the “top-load only” approach. Since I already loved their comfortable suspension system, I was set on finding a new Osprey pack that had a side-loading option in addition to the top-load. I finally found the Osprey Xenith 75 that had everything I was looking for!


I used my new Osprey Xenith pack on the A.T. and had a GREAT time, though I wasn’t used to such a large pack (or being on such a long hiking trip) and admittedly packed far too much gear. I’m going on the A.T. again next week and did a pretty good job at pairing down my pack weight by weighing out all of my gear separately and getting rid of everything I did not use last time. While not being the “lightest” pack on the market (at 5.06lbs), the Xenith is still my absolute favorite! I know I won’t be scoring any points with the Ultralight folks, but it still meets my packing needs and the suspension system is one of the most comfortable I’ve ever put on my back!

The Xenith has, what Osprey calls, the BioForm CM Harness System, which is custom moldable for your own body to help with heavy loads over long distances. What I have come to realize though is that the “custom mold” system will conform to your body with constant use. Mine already feels better after using it over the last couple of years. The pack also has two side loading zippers that run most of the length of the bag on each side, so you can easily get to your gear without the need of unloading everything all over the ground once you get to camp. It has a bottom accessible compartment for your sleeping bag, straps on the bottom of the pack for a sleeping pad or tent, and two front accessible pockets for miscellaneous gear that you need quick access to. Pair that with the two top pockets on the lid of the pack and you have more storage options to shake a stick at! The material is heavy duty (hence the bag weight), so you won’t have to worry about it getting caught on low hanging tree branches or thorny bushes. The material also has a slight water repellency to it so your gear should stay dry under a light rain. Osprey also sells an optional rain cover for heavier rain storms. And if you use hiking/trekking poles like me, there are even front Stow-On-The-Go elastic attachments to hold your collapsed poles on the front of your shoulder harness for quick access. It likely won’t work with my 3-piece pole set that I’ll be using, but it’s still there and worked great last time I used it on the trail!


If you can’t already tell, this is the best pack I own! The only pack I may consider getting in the future is something that would maybe be in the 1lb to 2lb range for a lighter pack, but it could never compare to the comfortable BioForm CM suspension harnesses on my Osprey Xenith!!

For more information on the Osprey Xenith 75 and other great Osprey Packs, you can visit their website or Amazon page: http://www.ospreypacks.com/us/en/ & http://www.amazon.com/ospreypacks

They can also be found on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/OspreyPacks

Please Note:  I am in no way affiliated with the company Osprey Packs, nor have I been paid or given any product to review. I have purchased all of my Osprey Packs products out of my own pocket and I chose to write this review based on my many years of experience and appreciation for the quality of their products.

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