About Us

Welcome to The Camping Trail

  • Kelly and I are avid outdoor people, we spend most of our leisure time doing something outside be it kayaking, hiking or mountain biking or just plain sitting and watching. Kelly has a passion for photography, although between you and I the video work could be better :). We both love the mountains it doesn't matter where they are but fresh clean mountain air is what we live for and doing what we do here means that we have to spend time in the mountains testing and refining our gear.
  •  For now we are based in the mountains of Victoria in Australia, it is a great place to be with plenty of lakes, rivers, mountains and outdoor playgrounds on our doorstep.
  • The Camping Trail was initially a blog that we started for no other reason than we wanted to be part of the huge number of people enjoying the great outdoors all over the world and what better way than to be writing about and sharing your own experiences.
  • We kicked off the store about 12 months ago with our Microfiber Towels and Paracord Survival Kit. These products seemed to be things that we used a lot and we came up with a few modifications that we couldn't find otherwise.

Our philosophy is too produce products that last, products that do the job they are intended for as best as possible and products that don't cost you an arm and a leg. We love hearing your thoughts on how we are doing, things we can do better and ideas you may have for products that need improvement so don't be shy and send us an email at anytime.

Hopefully we will cross paths in some remote place one day and remember to "Leave only footprints" no matter where you go.

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